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French 495 - Handling the Web Like a Boss: The Deep Web

What is the deep Web?

The Deep (or Invisible, or Hidden) Web is the portion of the web that can't be indexed by search engines. 

You may be surprised to learn that this accounts for the vast majority of everything on the Web! What that means is that when you use a search engine like Google, you are only trawling through an index of a VERY small section of the very deep web.

How to get there

There is no single portal to deep web resources. Rather, there are many tools you can use to dive down to the depths on the online world. This guide is meant to offer you some tips in that direction.

Much of the content of the deep web is stored in databases. Some of these cost money - like those we have in our collection at the library - and many are free.

You can use different search engines, different deep database tools, and different search strategies to get to these resources. Just check out the other pages in this guide!

Some initial tips:

- limit your Google search to educational sites by adding "" after your keywords (you can also try .org or .net)

- use the advanced search feature (see next page)

-find out which pages link to a particular site by using "" (where the name of the site follows link:)