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.Art and Art History (General): Finding Images

This is the main portal to databases and other library sources for art and art history research at Van Wylen Library, Hope College.

Image Databases


ARTstor is a fantastic image collection that contains over a million images.  Most of these are fine art images from all media types, but the database also contains an increasing number of documentary photographs.

Search Tips

  • To enter the database for searching, hit the go button.  If you don't have one already, I recommend registering, as this will allow you to save groups of images for yourself in the system.
  • Use the basic search box to find images of your art object.  You might need to try a few different word combinations to get all the images of your piece, as they are sometimes given different titles (for example, Bishop Bernward's doors are called both "door" and "portal"; the best results came with "Hildesheim and Bernward")
  • ARTstor is also great for finding comparison works of art for your paper.  For this, I would suggest using the "Advanced Search" screen.  This will allow you to limit to certain dates, types of art and parts of the world.

artstor advanced search

  • In the resulting images, double click on the text below to pull up the text about the image.  You can use this information to learn more basic facts about your picture that will help you in your future research.
  • To see larger versions of images, double click on the thumbnail.  If you would like to download this image to your computer to use in a paper or presentation, click the disk icon and follow the steps.

  • You can also save images to a group in ARTstor.  To do this, click on each image to highlight it orange.  Then under the "Organize" tab, choose "Save Selected Images to" and either create a new folder or add them to an existing one.

artstor saving in groups

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