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eBooks at Hope: FAQ

A guide for using Hope's ebook collections

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view Hope's ebooks?

You can view all of Hope's ebooks directly on your computer, both on campus and off (for Ebsco exception, see here).  Most ebooks are viewed directly within the vendor's ebook viewer or in a downloadable version of this.

Do I have to be online to view Hope's ebooks?

Many ebook vendors allow you to download their titles for a limited "check out" period, usually using Adobe Digital Editions.  Some also allow for full or partial downloads as pdfs.  In order to use this functionality, you will need to register for a personal account with that ebook vendor and download the appropriate software.  See the specific vendor descriptions for more details.

Can I view Hope ebooks on my portable device?

Most of Hope's ebooks can be viewed on many portable devices.  Generally speaking, they are more likely to be usable on tablets and smartphones, rather than Nooks and Kindles.  For more information, see the Portable Devices page.

Can I print ebooks?

The printing allowances vary from vendor to vendor.  Most of the vendors have a limit that allows you to print 1-2 chapters or a maximum of a certain number of pages (usually 60).  Some vendors, like Springer, allow you to print as many pdf chapters as you need.  However, be Green and print as little as possible!

Searching for eBooks

The easiest way to search for ebooks is through either 1Search or HopeCat.  They will come up naturally in any search that you do. 

In 1Search, you can limit the results to just ebooks:

ebooks in 1search

In HopeCat, just look for the little red "e" icon!

You can also search just for ebooks in HopeCat's Advanced Search.  Simply select "ebook" under Material Type.

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