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Hope Library Guides

Dance Grant Research: Locating Grants

This is a guide of resources for researching for grant proposals in dance both at Hope and after graduation

Community Resources

While at Hope, you have access to a number directories and databases, but this access won't necessarily follow you after graduation.  However, there are many resources out there for broader community use; you just need to know where to look.  The best resources are "Funding Information Network" locations.  These are libraries, community foundations and other non-profits that provide core collections of grant publications and other materials that support funding searches, in collaboration with the Foundation Center..  Often this includes subscription databases like those at Hope.  There are over 470 locations throughout the United States.  You can use their directory to find a location closest to where you live.

When you are in an area, it also pays to keep an ear to the ground for the local organizations that support the arts.  When you attend dance performances, do the programs list sponsors?  Most geographic areas have a Community Foundation that focuses on funding local projects.  Find out what yours is and see if they regularly support the arts.  Are there state based arts organizations that provide funding?  For example in Michigan, there is the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.

Funding Sources for Dance