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ENGL 113 - Moreau: Locating Books


Use Primo to check for ebook content you have access to through the library. Use either the books+media search (this will also show streaming video!) or narrow to books within your search results

  • Want to make future searches more efficient? You can lock the "Available online" to hold over from search to search by clicking the lock icon in your Active Filters.

Primo image focused on a locked active filter

  • Keep your searches broad, since books tend to be broader in their approach to a topic, but you can search for narrower parts of your topic within specific ebooks.
  • Find one interesting book? You can use its linked subject headings to find other related titles. Combine subject headings and keywords for narrower searches.

‚Äčexamples of subject headings in Primo

Primo search for subject "Internet and teenagers" and keyword "social media"


National Emergency Library

Another place to locate a large number of ebooks is the National Emergency Library, a collection of 1.4+ million digitized titles created by the Internet Archive. Because of the COVID-19 emergency for a limited time they are allowing multiple users to access each book at the same time. Normally they only allow checkouts one at a time.


  • You will need to create an account with the Internet Archive in order to borrow ebooks
  • Search using the "search this collection" box on the left-hand side. In your search results you will see the option to do an advanced search, but note that this takes you to the search interface for all of Internet Archive, not just the NEL.

searching National Emergency Library

  • The collection does not have many current holdings and is strongest from 2014 back to 1925. They may not be appropriate for a very current topic, and consider narrowing your results to more recent dates or rank by date of publication.
  • The titles range in genre from more academic to popular to children's titles (yes, those are romance novels you are seeing). Evaluate critically to determine if they are appropriate for academic research.
  • After your keyword search, consider narrowing down further by subject heading under Topics and Subjects. Click "more" to see all possibilities.

National Emergency Library Topics and Subjects