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KIN160 - Teaching Dance for Physical Education: Dance Style Background

Encyclopedia of Dance

Social Dancing in America

The American Dance Floor series is another good resource, providing book-length overviews of a variety of styles popular in the US.

Books and Articles

Primo's is great for locating books, articles and media resources in our collection.  We have books on a variety of different kinds of dance styles.  When searching on your topic, keep your searches broad.  Best is just a simple keyword search on your dance style. 

Examples: irish dancing,  square danc* (can include the asterisk at the end to search for multiple endings)

You are much more likely to find a general book on your dance style and then within it find discussions of history and benefits than you are to find a whole book on, for example "the social benefits of line dancing."  Once you've located a book on your dance, browse around in that area for others.

For general resources on dance education, browse in the call number ranges GV452 and GV1799 on the 3rd floor.  You can also find these materials under the same numbers in the curriculum library.  The curriculum library resources focus, particularly on lesson plans and activities.