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POL 305 - African Politics (Lab Project): Home

Literature Review


Other Readings and Select Data Sources


"Digital Divide" (The Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Economy)

"Measuring the Information Society 2012" (International Telecommunications Union)

"Internet Usage Statistics for Africa" (Internet World Stats)


"Resource Curse" (Green Politics: An A-to-Z Guide)

"Is There a Natural Resource “Curse” or Blessing?" (taken from from this World Bank report)

"Linking Natural Resources to Slow Growth and More Conflict" (Science, 2008)

"From Curse to Blessing:Africa and the Raw Materials Race" (Report)

African Research Bulletin (January 2011 -- scroll down to "Commodities" section")


"Foreign Aid" (from, Globalization: Encyclopedia of Trade, Labor, and Politics -- scroll to "Theories of Foreign Aid"

"Two Approaches to Aid in Africa: China and the West" (Conference Paper -- see Section 2: The Aid Dilemma)

"Foreign Aid to Africa: A Hollow Hope?" (International Law and Politics, 2007)

 "Does Foreign Aid Really Work?" (Library eBook -- print version also available)

Subject Guide

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