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Hope Library Guides

History 280 - Perspectives on Modern Imperialism: Books

A guide for Marc Baer's Fall 2014 HIST 280 course.

Using HopeCAT to find books

Books will be a significant part of your annotated bibliography, and Van Wylen library will have a good collection related to your topic.  

A HopeCat search will most typically begin with a keyword search related to your topic.  Since books usually cover broader topics, keep your keyword search fairly general.

You can also use Boolean Operators to construct more complex searches, like "gandhi AND (politics OR government)"

You can populate as many or as few fields as you wish. It is perfectly accpetable to leave your initial searches general, and limited only to one or two keywords. A good general principle, though, is that the more information you provide in your search statement, the more narrowly tailored your results will be.

From your search results list, you can use the subject headings attached to a relevant book to find your way to lists of other relevant titles.  Simply click on the linked subject heading, and it will bring you to an alphabetical list of this heading along with other similar ones.  Clicking these links will take you to lists of books that have the same headings.