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ART 360 - Women, Art and Society: Articles

Art Abstracts

For art related periodicals, Art Abstracts is the best database available to you at Van Wylen.  It indexes a variety of art magazines and journals.

  • The best way to search is actually to merge three database searches together at once.  Above the search boxes, click "Choose Databases." In the pop-up box, check the boxes for Art Abstracts, Art Full Text and Art Index Retrospective and hit "ok".  You will now be searching all three together.


  • When searching initially, keep searches simple. (artist's name, a couple of topic words, key words from a work of art's title, NOT the whole title)

  • Remember!  This search will have some full-text embedded within, but a lot of the full-text articles will not be there.  Use "Full-text options - Hope College" links to check our subscriptions.  If the article link doesn't come up on the first screen, always click "JOURNALS A-Z LIST" to make sure it isn't available in print under "Hope College/WTS Journal Holdings"


JSTOR is a general journal archive that includes several of the major art periodicals, and it's all full text! 

1.  In the search box, type in a couple of words describing your interests (ex. mondrian and color).  Don't forget to put AND between your search words, because the database will understand this better.

2.  If your results run too broadly. Under "Narrow by Discipline" check the Art and Art History box.  Add Architecture too, if it interests you. 

3.  To further control your search, use special search characters to increase the presence of certain important terms:

  • ^# after a word increases the importance of that word in your search relative to the other words (ex. mondrian AND color^4 makes color more important than mondrian)
  • ~# after two words in quotes will ask that those word be within # words of each other.  (ex.  color and theory~5)

Other Article Database Options