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Hope Library Guides

ART 360 - Women, Art and Society: Contemporary Artists

Researching Contemporary Artists

Are you researching an artist who has only been active within the last 10-15 years?  Here are some specific strategies and tools that will work better for contemporary artists.


  • Your artist may not have been active long enough for many books to have been published by or about them, and if they exist, we may not have them at Hope.  If a keyword search for their name brings up nothing in, your best bet is to search in external tools and to see if there are any exhibition catalogs available outside of hope:
  • HopeCat
  • MELCat
  • WorldCat


  • Art Abstracts will be your best bet for finding articles on contemporary artists.  Not only does it cover the most recent art periodicals but it contains more "newsy" sources like ARTNews that has exhibition reviews.
  • JSTOR will be less helpful for contemporary artists because it doesn't contain articles published in the last 5 years.
  • Consider a broad database like Academic Search Complete.  They may bring up relevant news and magazine articles about your artist.