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History 280 - Perspectives on Modern Imperialism: Book Reviews

A guide for Marc Baer's Fall 2014 HIST 280 course.


JSTOR is the best place to start your search for scholarly book reviews of these history titles.  For most of the books on the list it will be fairly simple to find a number of quality reviews on your monograph.


  • When searching for a book review in JSTOR, search with a portion of the title of your book as a keyword phrase within quotes.  Add the last name of your author as an additional keyword.
  • Under "Item Type," select Review to show that you are looking for book reviews.

jstor book review search

You will find reviews in a variety of formats.  Try to choose a review from a scholarly periodical that substantially deals with your book, meaning it is at least a couple pages long and doesn't combine the review with a large number of other books.

Web of Science

Don't let the name deter you - Web of Science is actually a great secondary literature tool across the disciplines. It can be a great way to find what reviews have been published about your book.


Book Review Digest

Book Review Digest is a convenient spot to look for book reviews, though it is not limited to scholarly titles.

Historical Abstracts

For a few monographs, you may not be able to find a large number of reviews in JSTOR.  This is particularly true for monographs published in the last five years, since JSTOR does not contain articles from the last four years.  For these books, your next best source is Historical Abstracts.

  • As in JSTOR, search your book title as a phrase in quotes and add the author's last name as another keyword.
  • Then choose "Book Review" from the Document Type:


           ebsco limiters

Since Historical Abstracts is not a full-text database, you will need to use "Full-Text Options" to find out if we have the full text available.  You might need to InterLibrary Loan a review if we don't own it at Hope.