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ENGL 113 - Childress: Evaluation of Sources

Evaluation of Sources

No "Good" Sources

What could this be a good source for? What wouldn't this be a good source for?

Mother's Day card from child to mother in prison

Integrating Your Sources

Background: to explain something

Exhibit: as an example of something

Argument: to agree or disagree with it

Method: to take the same approach to research that they did


(BEAM Method -- Bizup)

Your Credibility as a Scholar

Research is about "standing on the shoulders of giants" (George Hebert and Isaac Newton)

Be honest about what you know and have read

You need to know what your sources are so you know if you can trust them

Citations help scholars and citations help you

Script is a derivative of "Evaluating Sources for Credibility" by Lisa Becksford, NCSU Library, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0

Types of Sources & What They Are Good For

Scholarly Research Articles

Academic Books


Websites (organization, personal, government, etc)

Blog or Social Media Posts

Archival Records


Other People

& Many More