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KIN160 - Teaching Dance for Physical Education: Dance Benefits


Since books tend to be broad, keep an eye out for more general resources on the effects of dance.  A good place to start is the following subject headings:

Dance -- Psychological Aspects

Dance Therapy

Articles in Primo

You may find general descriptions of the benefits of your dance style in newspapers and magazines.  Probably the easiest way to locate these through the library is with Primo.  Primo is very sensitive to the keywords you use, so, try a variety of search terms.  

Dance Education

This organization conducts research in support of dance in schools.  Most notable is their publication: Evidence: A Report on the Impact of Dance in the K-12 Setting.  This will give general information on the benefits of dance.  They also have their own database of research in Dance Education. This database isn't linked to Hope's resources, so if what you find there isn't freely available, try searching the title in Primo to see if we have it in full text, or ask at the research help desk about requesting something through InterLibrary Loan.

Want to find other reports or studies like this?  When you do a Google search add "filetype:pdf" to your search. (for example, benefits of dance filetype:pdf)  This will bring back only results that are in pdf format, which are more likely to be more formal reports or studies, rather than informal websites.  Keep in mind, you will still need to critically evaluate the source and its author!

Scholarly Articles

There are two different subject databases that will be particularly helpful for locating research studies on the benefits of dance:


Trick: You can actually search these two tools together!  Once you are in one of them, click the "All databases" link, then click "Databases" again.  You can then choose both these two from the list provided.  This will then search them both together.

Search Suggestions

  • Remember that there are many ways to describe what you are looking for, so don't limit your search just to "benefits of XX dancing".  Consider doing an OR search which includes some of these variants (or any others you can think of): benefit*, effect*, impact*, health, stress, development*, social, psychology

For example:  jazz danc* AND (benefit* OR health OR effect* OR impact)

  • Remember search dance using the asterisk:  danc*   This will bring back results for dance, dancing and dancers.
  • Is your dance a little more obscure?  Consider just doing a search for your dance by itself and browse the results, if they are limited, to ones that might discuss a benefit.

Citing an Abstract

Have you found an article that looks like it has some good information, but we don't have the full text available?  If you want to use it but don't have time to order the article through InterLibrary Loan, consider using what you have found in the abstract.  Just make sure and cite that you only used the abstract, using this format:

Groombridge, L., & Duchane, K. (2005). No child left behind in dance. Indiana Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.Journal, 34(2), 20-21. Abstract retrieved from ProQuest Physical Education Index. (Accession No. 6251136)