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Hope Library Guides

English 113 - Parker / Wiebe - Information Literacy Sessions - Fall 2018

Article Access

Some of the articles indexed in library databases have direct links to the full-text, while others may require additional steps in order to get access.

Let's look at the results obtained from the following search in the database, Social Sciences Full Text.


What if you find an article online somewhere else via simple Googling?





Book Access

Does the library have this book?

Feminist agendas and democracy in Latin America

by: Jane S. Jaquette (2009)


Exciting Search Challenges

Google-riffic Challenges

Google these things so that all of your results fit the following criteria:

1) coverage of Malala Yousafzai published on the actual day that she gave her speech to the United Nations


2) information about "income inequality" coming from a college or university


3) information about President Trump, but must be from a website originating from a non-U.S. English-speaking country (e.g. Canada, England, Australia, Ireland, Israel, etc.)

Hint: take a look at some of the "settings" and "tools" after you conduct a basic search




The Many (Inter)faces of Google

The Many Inter(faces) of Google