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Critical Issues Symposium 2016 - Economic Inequality in a Democratic Society: Articles / Web Links

Websites is the premiere portal for the public at large, journalists, teachers, students, academics, and any others seeking information and analysis on wealth and income inequality. Ultimately, our mission is to help end economic inequality in the United States and abroad. is a project of the Institute for Policy Studies, a think tank based in Washington, DC.

Who Rules America?

Supplementary website for the book, Who Rules America. Includes introductory essay: Wealth, Income, and Power.

Income Inequality and Poverty (OECD)

The OECD examines the trends and patterns in inequality and poverty for OECD and emerging countries. Its work analyses the multiple causes linked to growing inequalities, such as globalisation, technological change and changes in redistribution and policy fashion. It also assesses the effectiveness of social and labour market policies in tackling poverty and high inequalities.

Oxfam - The Politics of Poverty | Inequality

Ideas and analysis from Oxfam America's policy experts "The Politics of Poverty" site.  

Opposing Viewpoints In Context | America's Wealthy

Contains viewpoint essays/articles pertaining to wealth and the wealth divide in the United States.