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FYS Chuang and DeNotto: Task 3

Task 3

Task 3 Generating keywords


Research Subject: Stephen Smith's Lecture


Identify keywords to use as search terms from the description of Dr. Smith's Lecture.




Step 1: Identify Big Ideas

Step 1: Identify the main concepts in your research question.

For the research question "Where can I find a local sustainable vendor? The big ideas are identified as "geographic location," "Sustainability," and "Place to purchase food."

Step 2: Brainstorm keywords

Step 2: Brainstorm keywords (search terms) that relate to your main concept.

Lists of keywords relating to the big ideas: Geography (Michigan, "West Michigan," Muskegon, Grand Rapids, Grand Haven), Sustainability (sustainable, local and sustainable, farm-to-table), Places to purchase food (vendor, "food distributor," co-op, "food cooperative").


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