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FYS Chuang and DeNotto: Task 1

Task 1

Task 1 Evaluating sources

Research Subject: Mid-Autumn Festival


-Is this article from a reliable/credible source? Why or why not?



(hint: when looking at news/journalism sites, it can be helpful to do some background research on them)




-What do we think about a resource like this?


Does it contain good information that might help your research? Is it a reliable/credible source? Why or why not?

Evaluating News Sources

All Sides

Just because something is from a supposedly biased source, does that mean we disregard it altogether? Is the information true but presented deceptively? Can authors be biased? Can publications be biased?

Media Bias/Fact Check

What criteria does this website use to determine bias? What criteria or sources does it use to evaluate fact checking?

Why should we trust this website? Should we?

Look up some of your favorite news sources and see what it has to say.