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Kinesiology 251 - Teaching Health Education: Journal List

Health Education Journals

Here are some journals related to health education and public health that are good starts for browsing topics.  For your assignment you are required to select an article on your topic from at least one of these.

Would you like to search them all together?  In Primo Advanced Search replace the text in the first box with your own search terms. (If the search box isn't present, paste the following string into the second search box and change the "Any field" dropdown to ISSN. Enter keywords for your own topic in the first search box).

0090-0036 OR 1945-7359 OR 1087-3244 OR 1945-4511 OR 1090-0500 OR 0090-0036 OR 1541-0048 OR 1550-5057 OR 0160-6379 OR 1544-5208 OR 0278-2715 OR 2168-183X OR 8756-5943 OR 1552-146X OR 0093-0334 OR 1552-6127 OR 1090-1981 OR 1465-3648 OR 0268-1153 OR 1460-2245 OR 0957-4824 OR 1552-6372 OR 1524-8399 OR 1529-1944 OR 1940-3208 OR 0744-8481 OR 1573-3610 OR 0094-5145 OR 1087-0415 OR 1081-0730 OR 1878-2620 OR 1499-4046 OR 1748-0361 OR 0890-765X OR 1746-1561 OR 0022-4391 OR 1757-9767 OR 1757-9759 OR 1757-9767 OR 1757-9759 OR 1468-2877 OR 0033-3549 OR 2168-6602

preloaded Primo search with KIN251 journals