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HIST 352 - Women/Gender/Sex in U.S. History: Primary

Primary Source keyword/type examples

Use these terms as keywords in your search to help you find primary sources related to your subject.  Try to think about in what format/genre the information might have been recorded in.

  • correspondence
  • pamphlets
  • sources
  • diaries
  • personal narratives
  • speeches
  • interviews
  • oral history / oral histories / oral narratives
  • documents
  • archives
  • microfilm


Searching using primary source types/genres

Another option is to search for your topic, then look at the refining options via "Genre," and then look for some primary source term, as mentioned above.


Finding sources on the Web

  • Some ways to help you find sources through the Internet is to think about who would collect, preserve, archive, or disseminate such materials/subject matter you are interested in (archives, institutions, colleges, organizations, governments, etc.)
  • Search your subject or related terms and add in terms like: digitized, archives, digital collection, personal narratives, diary(ies), correspondence, etc.

    Example1: Jane Addams Digitized

    Example 2: Chinese exclusion act digital collection

    Example 3: Carrie Nation digital archive

            Example 4: 19th amendment digital collection

            Example 5: women's suffrage digital collection

Database Sources

Primary sources outside the library