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ENGL 113 - Endean

Developing Deep Inquiry Habits

Next Level Searching


Finding some information about most things is generally pretty easy. Deep inquiry into a topic or tracking town original sources can take some additional sleuthing. Here are a few challenges to work through together to help get into the habit of going the extra step in research. 




1.   Disney Princesses and Gender Stereotypes?

It says here that researchers have found that the Disney princesses contribute to gender stereotypes.  You could stop here, or try to find the actual study done by these researchers.

  • Can you track down the full-text of the actual study?
    • you might have to click a few times...



2.   Social media can skew your perception of body image?

Here is an article from the BBC that explains the relationship between social media use and how we view ourselves.   

  • Is the author of this article an expert on the topic?
  • Who is the expert mentioned in the article? (hint: look down by the bro taking a selfie with a flip phone)
    • Can you find any research articles that she actually wrote?