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Paris May Term: Video Creation and Editing

This guide provides information for the digital components of the Paris May Term course. Content includes information about Blogging Etiquette, copyright, creative commons licenses, resources for finding freely usable content, and tips and tricks for vid

Best Practices for Video Creation

1) Camera angle should be horizontal NOT vertical

2) Lighting should be clear and without shadows

3) Always take multiple shots of a scene

4) Test sound quality often (good sound quality makes a difference) (TIP! Watch wind when filming outside!)

5) Video Quality should be clear, level, and smooth

Video Software

1) WeVideo 
online platform, works with any device, $5-10

2) Camtasia 
available for all devices as a download, expensive....

3) Shotcut
free download available online, all devices

4) iMovie 
free on iOS devices -- Including cellphones and iPads
Available for $15 through the Apple for other devices

Best Practices for Video Editing

1) Always make sound levels EQUAL across the video

2) Transitions are important -- choppy transitions between content looks unprofessional

3) Background sound is important for a professional quality

4) No fuzzy images or video clips (exceptions apply for old film or photos used intentionally)

Best Practices for Recording Interviews

1) What's in the background of the shot? Is it professional? Embarrassing? Characteristic of your interview or movie?

2) Leveled Images and full picture of the interviewee

3) Sound levels of voices

4) Non-shaky image and secure camera

5) Pauses at the beginning and end of filming and between questions