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REL 261 Carpenter- Biblical Commentaries: ATLA Database

Tutorial to learn how to use ATLA Religion Database


ATLA Religion is the major database that indexes articles and book chapters in religious studies publications.  Here are a few tips for searching within this database.

Searching by Theme

You can use keywords related to the themes of your passage to locate related material to it.  Using Boolean operators (ANDs and ORs) can help you broaden or narrow the material in your results.

Subject headings, like in a HopeCat search, are terms that are attached to an article and describe the primary topics of the article.  Searching by subject headings can help narrow to articles that focus particularly on your topics.  Because subjects are pulled from a thesaurus, you will need to identify a heading in an article citation before you use it in a new search.

Searching by Scripture

ATLA also indexes its articles with the Scripture passages discussed, so you can search for articles this way as well.

There are two different ways to do this.  The first way is to browse for your particular scripture using the Scriptures link in the top bar

After browsing to your particular book, use the "Expand" links to work down to your particular chapter and/or verse.  Clicking the verse or chapter link will perform a search for articles that address that passage.