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English 113 - DeNotto: Consider the Source

Consider the Source

Compare and contrast these two sources, thinking about these things:

  • What are some things they have in common?
  • Who wrote this? Is he or she an expert or authority on the topic?
  • Given the article length, language used, etc., what sort of audience do you think this article is geared at?


  • What is this?
  • Who Published this?
  • For what audience is this written?  note the vocabulary, writing style, depth of content, etc.
  • How long did it take to write this?  a few hours? days? months? years? Why does this matter?


What about... THIS?     or THIS      or THIS       or THIS  

More source types

Source One

  • Critique the value of this information
  • QUESTION: Is there anything here that might lead to you additional info?

Source Two

  • QUESTION: Where is this information coming from?

Source Three

  • QUESTION: Is the author of this article an expert on the topic?
  • Is there anyone mentioned in the article who is?

Source Four

  • QUESTION: What the heck is this?
  • How does it differ from the other sources above?

Now this...

Source Five

Evaluating News Sources

All Sides

Just because something is from a supposedly biased source, does that mean we disregard it altogether? Is the information true but presented deceptively? Can authors be biased? Can publications be biased?

Media Bias/Fact Check

What criteria does this website use to determine bias? What criteria or sources does it use to evaluate fact checking?

Why should we trust this website? Should we?

Look up some of your favorite news sources and see what it has to say.

Humanities Librarian

Popular Vs. Scholarly Tutorial

Still not sure about what makes a source scholarly vs popular? Take this helpful and quick tutorial Here.