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Paris May Term: Lieux de mémoire: Starting Places

Starting Places

Here are some broad books on Paris history and architecture that can offer general context and may have more detailed information about your site.

Dictionary of Art

The Grove Dictionary of Art is a seminal encyclopedia for art history.  It has an excellent entry on Paris that can provide you an excellent overview on the development of the city and its art life.  It also included subsections on certain major architectural works.  I have scanned the chapter for your convenience (will need a Hope username and password to access).

Turner, Jane ed. "Paris."  Dictionary of Art. New York: Grove, 1996.

Table of Contents

I. History  II.  Urban Development   III. Art Life and Organization   IV. Centre of Production   V. Buildings    VI. Institutions

("Buildings" includes: Notre-Dame, Sainte-Chapelle, St. Germain-des-Pres, St Germain-l'Auxerrois, Val-de-Grace, Palais du Louvre, Hotel des Invalides, Palais du Luxembourg, Pantheon)

Tips for navigating the Dictionary of Art

  • Search the index for your site under Paris.  NOTE: the Paris section of the index is first arranged by building type, so you will likely need to find a subsection first.
  • Even if an entry only mentions your building briefly, consider what the essay can teaching about the broader context of a work. 
    • Ex. in an entry on an architect where does your building fit into their broader catalog of work?
    • Ex. in an entry on on church architecture, what does this show you about how your church compares to others for that period (is it typical, different)
  • Consider broader entries for what they might teach you about the look and function of a space, even if they don't mention your work.  Ex. what does an entry on theatres teach you about how these spaces were created or engaged with over time?

Good Art Books on Paris Architecture

Good History Books on Paris

There are many other books available in the "Paris Section" on the 4th floor in the call number range DC700-800.

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Site Evolution

Looking for 20th and 21st century events and developments at your site? While the library isn't strong on international newspapers, the New York Times is a globally focused publication that might be able to highlight more recent conversations. The historical archive covers 1851-2018.