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.Dance (General): Global Dance

This is the main portal to databases and other library sources for dance research at Van Wylen Library, Hope College.

Starting Points

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias can give good overviews when starting a global dance topic. Though some of these look like they are focused just on music, often discussions of music and dance are combined. Browse by the country of origin of your dance type or try searching for the specific dance. You can use the bibliographies of these entries for "next step" resources. Search them in Primo or order through ILL or MeLCat.

Primo Search Tips

Consider different ways you may need to search for your dance

  • Variations in spellings of a dance form transliterated from different alphabets (ex "menora," "manora," "nora," and "norah", are all used for a Southern Thai dance form)
  • Broader and narrowing terms for a dance form - (ex ring dance or circle dance vs kolo)
  • Both narrow searches for the specific dance and broader search for dance from the country/ethnicity of origin (sardinian dance vs "ballu bardu")
  • Terms that are no longer considered appropriate. Because library resources are frozen in time (ie, the texts of books and articles can't be updated), you may need to search under names of cultures, ethnicities, and dance labels that are no longer considered appropriate. (Example: Roma dance is better than gypsy dance, but many sources may still be labeled under the latter).
    • This is especially true if you are looking for primary sources.

Going Deeper

Tips for Dance Online

YouTube and other freemium platforms have a lot of great global content, but the library also has streaming content for global dance.

This platform allows you to log in and create shorter clips from their videos. While you can't embed these in slides like YouTube, you can embed the link in your presentation and just jump over to the database when you want to show it.