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ENGL 113 - Verduin: Exploring Databases

Databases A to Z

Selecting and Searching Disciplinary Databases

  1. Take your sample topic and brainstorm together different ways to search it

    1. TIP: Keep it simple, or use Booleans to construct “AND” and “OR” searches

    2. Looking for more ideas? Check out the Searching Tips and Strategies tab

  2. Construct a few trial searches in Primo. Narrow down to just articles (peer reviewed if you choose!) and evaluate the results? How many relevant hits are you getting?

  3.  Primo limiter bar with "peer reviewed journals" and articles selected

  4. Select the Databases A-Z tab at the top of Primo. From the list open the Subject dropdown list and consider what subject areas might intersect well with your sample topic (ie "what kind of scholars are researching this topic?"

  5. Primo Databases Tab       library databases list highlighting All Subjects Menu

  6. Select 1 or 2 databases and try searching your topic there. How do the results compare? Do the databases have any special features that are different than Primo? Are you able to get to the full text of these resources?

Picking out keywords from Research Question

1. Both Apt Pupil and The Shining focus on families and imply questions of how children should be raised.  After a careful analysis of the family dynamic in either or both these works, do some research on child rearing practices.

2. "Imaginary friends" - also called "imaginary companions" are common with children.  What do psychologists think about these "friends." - why do children create them and what do they have to do with a child's development?

3. "What was the Donner party," asks Danny. What was it? Where is it referred to in the novel? How do these allusions enhance the mood of the novel?

Search Exercises and Subject Specific Databases and Find Full Text

1. Child rearing and family dynamic

Search in Sociology Database

2. Imaginary friend/companion and development

Search in Psyc-Info

3. Masque of the Red Death

Search in MLA International Bibliography

4. Algernon Blackwood

Search in JSTOR

All Databases that the Van Wylen Library subscribes to, can be found here. You can navigate by alphabetically or by subject.

Film and TV (Popular culture) Database