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This is a sample of the training exercises designed for the first year of our new training scheme. The first semester the exercises were housed almost exclusively within the LibGuide. The second semester we began migrating content into our Content Manag


1.  I will periodically email you practice assignments to complete as part of your training as Research Assistants.   You will find instructions for each one here on the LibGuide.  Ask Jessica if you have any questions about how the assignment works.

2.  The assignments are designed to teach and review important skills that are a part of your work.  Some of them will feel like straightforward questions, while some questions will ask for something that may be a new skill or something you feel rusty on.  Many of the pages also include instructions or Tips on how to best do that activity, so please read the whole page before you do the assignment.  If you find that your are unsure how to complete the required portion of each assignment, then use the resources at your disposal to make sure you answer it in the best way.  Ask a librarian to review the procedure/skill with you; we are happy to do this!  Or ask one of your fellow research assistants if they know the skill. You can also consult the Research Desk Manual for some things.  Again, this isn't about passing or failing the test, it's about making sure we are all current on the important skills needed to work as a Research Assistant.

4. Most assignments will be submitted via an online form, by email to your mentor, or occasionally by submitting something in print to your mentor.