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ART 115 - Basic Sculpture: Home

Starting Places

Here are the recommended websites from Professor Walcott. They are a great starting place for an introduction to many contemporary sculptors.


Consider checking Primo Books+Media Search to see if we have any additional streaming video or books on your artist.

Not sure about an artist? Consider searching in broader books that touch on contemporary sculpture, for example things that are listed in the following search:

Art-Specific Library Databases

Art and Architecture Source is our primary database that focuses on magazines and journals from the fields of art and art history. Here you can find interviews, exhibition reviews, and research articles on individual artists and themes. Many of them are available full-text directly in the database, but don't limit to just "full text." Instead, first double check with the "find full text" links, as they will see if we have something available in another online tool.

Tips for Searching through Art and Architecture Source

#1 Simple Search with Artist's Name - Add "sculpture" if they are multi-genre

#2 Consider Limiters

  • This is an international database, so you may need to narrow your language to database
  • This database is a mixture of full text and citation-only. Some of the cited resources may be available through other library resources using the "find full text" button. For this assignment, though, you might want to limit just to "full text" in the database.

Art and Architecture Source limiters with full text and english selected

#3 Pay attention to article length

  • This database includes a range of publication types including, scholarly journals and art news publications. Shorter articles (1-2pgs) are more likely to be things like exhibition descriptions and reviews, while longer articles will have meatier descriptions, interviews and analysis of the artist.

Article citation highlighting the page length

#4 Image quality varies

  • This is an archival database, so some of the older articles were scanned at a lower quality, either black and white or with poor resolution. You may need to use these just for the text and go elsewhere for the images.

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