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Skeptical Researching in the Age of Media Mistrust: Evaluate Your News

Types of News Sites and Sources

Fake News: Sources that contain entirely fabricated information or misleading news. Fake news websites sometimes also promote hate and or conspiracy theories.

Extremely biased or highly partisan. Information is distorted or decontextualized to support a particular point of view. Usually politically motivated. Opinions are represented as facts.

Clickbait:  Sources are generally credible but use exaggerated, misleading or questionable headlines or images. These types of sources are easily passed from user to user via social media.

Satire: Sites or sources that use humor, exaggeration, ridicule and false information to comment on current events particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

Resources for Evaluating Sites and their Claims‚Äč

Credible News Sources

Credible news sites use reporting practices that are consistent with traditional and ethical practices of journalism. Credible journalists generally take responsibility for the accuracy of their work, verify information before releasing it, and use original sources whenever possible. They provide context  and do not deliberately distort the facts. (

Tips for Evaluating News Sources

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How to Spot Fake News (