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HIST 140 - Gibbs - Religion, Politics and Society in Europe, 1500-1800: Books

This is a guide for Professor Janis Gibbs history workshop.

Other Catalogs

If you are unable to locate the resource you need through MeLCat, there are other catalogs you can use to order books and media.

PRIMO Books and Media

Example searches:


Geneva Bible (keyword)

Henry IV and France (keyword)

"Thirty years war" (keyword)

Witchcraft (keyword)

Ottoman sources (keyword)

Early Modern Europe (keyword)

"early modern Europe" (keyword) sorted by Newest

Subject Searches

Witchcraft (Subject Search)

Religious refugees -- History (subject heading)

History of Modern Europe (subject heading)

France -- History -- Revolution, 1789-1799 -- Refugees (subject heading)


Genre Searches

Ottoman (keyword) sources (genre)

Reformation sources (genre)

Searching Tips

  • Try different groups of keywords to see what different kinds of results you get
  • From the results, click on a title that looks interesting; your search terms will show up in red.
  • Look for Subject headings in the record that match your topic and try searching under these as a subject search.
  • If you click on one of the subject headings links in a record, it will bring up a list of similar subjects that might also be helpful.
  • Not finding many books on your topic? After trying a search, look for the     button to do the same search in WorldCat, a shared catalog of libraries around the world. We can order many of these items for you through InterLibrary Loan.