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Peer Assisted Learning: Hope College Sample Training Exercises: Exercise #1

This is a sample of the training exercises designed for the first year of our new training scheme. The first semester the exercises were housed almost exclusively within the LibGuide. The second semester we began migrating content into our Content Manag

Exercise #1 - Library of Congress Call Number Training with LC Easy

One of the most helpful things you do for students is helping them get past the intimidation of finding a book on the shelf.  We all know that it can be confusing in a large library like ours.  It is important to keep our Library of Congress Call number skills fresh, so I have some drills for you to do!  On the Research Help desk computers, there is a program installed called LC Easy.  Please complete “Begin Lesson”, “Basic Book Sorting” and “Advanced Book Sorting”.  You can skim through the "Begin Lesson" fairly quickly if this is mostly review for you. 

When you are done, print out the certificate of completion and give it to your mentor.  DUE September 25th

Curious about how LC Call Numbers break down into subject areas?  Here's a good summary from the Library of Congress.