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Peer Assisted Learning: Hope College Sample Training Exercises: Advanced - Student Interview

This is a sample of the training exercises designed for the first year of our new training scheme. The first semester the exercises were housed almost exclusively within the LibGuide. The second semester we began migrating content into our Content Manag

Interview a Student Library Employee

Student Employee Interview


As you saw at the library-wide orientation, there are almost 100 students that help us run the library during a given semester, doing a wide variety of jobs.  Please interview a student worker from another area of the library.  I’d encourage you to choose an area that you don’t know very much about.  Possible areas to choose from:



InterLibrary Loan

Klooster Center

Media Desk and Tech Lab

Technical Services

Director’s Office

Since this requires you to be off-desk, choose a time when there is overlap, ask the on-call librarian to cover for you, or add 15 minutes to the end of your time sheet and do it before or after a shift.

Questions to Ask

  1. Tell me what kind of work you do during a typical shift.

  2. What’s your favorite thing about working in this part of the library?

  3. What’s a challenge that you have working in this part of the library?

  4. Are there any skills have you learned in this job that might transfer over to your major area or career goals?

  5. Is there something that you wish the Research Help Desk assistants knew about your job that would help us work together better as a team in the library?

  6. Is there anything you would like to know about the work we do at the Research Help Desk?

  7. Feel free to ask other questions if you have them!


Type up a summary of your interview (a couple paragraphs is fine) and email it to your Mentor.

DUE - October 2