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Peer Assisted Learning: Hope College Sample Training Exercises: Exercise #6

This is a sample of the training exercises designed for the first year of our new training scheme. The first semester the exercises were housed almost exclusively within the LibGuide. The second semester we began migrating content into our Content Manag

Exercise #5 Locating Magazine and Newspapers from a Citation

Occasionally, a patron will approach us needing to locate a magazine or newspaper article.  These searches are very similar to locating a journal article, with a few differences.

  1. The citation will look a little different.  Usually there won't be a volume or issue number, but there will be a much more specific date because these serials are published more frequently than journals (monthly, weekly or daily).
  2. Start again with a search in the Journals List to see what our coverage is for that periodical.  However, keep in the back of your mind that just because it says we have electronic coverage for the date you need, the database may or may not actually have the particular article you need, because their coverage is notoriously spotty.  Anticipate dead-ends, and be prepared to try alternatives and double check with a librarian, if you can't find it.
  3. In magazines and newspapers, you may find slight variants in the article title, or the article may be a subsection of a more broadly titled section.  Keep your eyes peeled!
  4. Try a combination of browsing or keyword searching on portions of the title and/or author, whatever method seems to make the most sense.
  5. Because magazine and newspaper articles are shorter, they may be only a subsection of a page, so keep your eyes open.

Are you unsure about the differences between journal, magazine, and newspaper articles?  You should know the difference, because students may ask!  Here are a couple of videos that give you an overview of the topic: