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Peer Assisted Learning: Hope College Sample Training Exercises: September 1st

This is a sample of the training exercises designed for the first year of our new training scheme. The first semester the exercises were housed almost exclusively within the LibGuide. The second semester we began migrating content into our Content Manag

New Students

During the first two weeks of the semester you will be training with the on call librarian you are working with.  You will receive a checklist of information that we will go through with you to cover all of the basic information on working the Research Help Desk .  The checklist is located in a white binder kept at the desk.  Since you will be working with different librarians at different times, keep track of how far you have gotten down the list so that the next librarian knows where to pick up in your training.  Feel free to remind the librarian during your shift that you have additional training items that need to be discussed, in case we forget!

Research Desk Training Checklist (if you need to print a new copy)

DUE Date - 9/12/15

Returning Students

Every semester things change in how we operate the library and the desk.  Even when they don't change much, it is always good to review policies and procedures.  Please review the entire Research Desk Manual.  Pay special attention to new tabs and pages that have been updated with new information.  After this, take the quiz located on  The questions emphasize things that have changed in the library and in our procedures.

DUE Date - 9/12/15

Here are the usernames and passwords for each of you to access the quiz.

First Name Last Name Username Password  
Allie Kleppinger alliekleppinger 9qvm4c  
Clarisa Chavez clarisachavez kjh6eb  
Colton Clark coltonclark9 j9cfkv  
Kim Nguyen kimtnguyen bqv4xj  
Leigh Wynveen leighwynveen q3yrf4  
Miriam Hernandez miriamhernandez2